Maddy Dychtwald

Download an “Influence” Chapter featuring AskPatty’s Jody DeVere

In Guest Post on April 21, 2010 at 1:51 pm

Jody DeVere President and CEO Jody DeVere is featured heavily in the chapter “Start Your Engines: Transforming the Automotive Industry.”  In this chapter, Dychtwald says “It’s an industry that’s owned and operated by men. Some 95 percent of the country’s 20,000 auto dealers belonging to the National Automobile Dealers Association are male. And it shows.”

Jody agrees with her, saying “The auto industry today is in trouble, and automakers are struggling so hard.” According to Jody, automakers are “only doing lip service to women in terms of marketing and selling. When what they need to do is change, and create an environment where women don’t equate buying a car or getting it serviced with going to the dentist.”

Jody is joined in the chapter by other heavy-hitting women, including Marina Shoemaker,  director of General Motor’s Women’s Retail Network; Cheri Fleming, owner and Dealer Principal of Female Friendly Dealer Valencia Acura; and Marti Barletta, president and CEO of The TrendSight Group.

Download the chapter here.


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